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31 December 2016: An "interim" update

1-valver with Davey coil, top view and . . . . . . rear and bottom views.
    1-valver with Davey coil, top view.

    Rear and bottom views.

It's been a very long time since the last update, due to my having committed to a spell of work to keep afloat a local charity group.   I hope to reduce this commitment in about 15 months' time, which should allow me more time for developing this site.   So this is something of an "interim" update, pending the time when I can get back to more research for the site.   Due to the length of time since the last update, I have placed several items of correspondence more than a year old on the News Archive page without showing them on this page first.   So please visit that page as well.

However, I have found time to build a new Davey set.     About four years ago, Hugh Castellan, several of whose Davey sets feature on this site, very kindly made for me a beautiful long- and medium-wave Davey-designed coil.   (Please see the CONSTRUCTION RESOURCES page for the download with instructions for making this coil.)   To do justice to this much-appreciated gift, I have built my own version of the Davey 1-valver as first published in Boy's Own Paper in June 1961.

This design proudly displays the coil and valve on top of the chassis, which has flanges deep enough to serve as front and rear panels.   So all wiring can be concealed under the chassis.   My chassis is of folded aluminium sheet for the top and sides, with front and rear panels of 3mm Tufnol.   The 3-position rotary switch combines wavechange with a central "off" position.

I have added an image of this set to the BEGINNER'S 1-VALVER page; you can compare my set with the title illustration also shown.

Please keep your news and comments coming in!   As always, I will respond as soon as possible, but for the reasons explained above it may be some time before these exchanges appear on the site.

Other recent news News up to around a year old follows.   Please see News Archive page for older items, including those relating to Gilbert Davey's death in April 2011.

26 December 2016:
American Radio History site
The American Radio History site is a great resource for British radio enthusiasts as well as for Americans.   There are sections carrying scans of issues of several British radio publications including Amateur Wireless, Modern Wireless, Popular Wireless, Practical Wireless, Radio Constructor and Wireless World.

A new page leads to scans of books by several well-known British authors, including some of Davey's books, listed under "Gilbert Davy" (sic), and also to a scan of the BBC's own copy of the Focus transistor set leaflet (incomplete - the entire leaflet is available on this site with the permission of the BBC and other rights-holders).

Much of the material on the American Radio History site must still be in copyright (the BBC leaflet certainly is).   If the site owner (David) has obtained reproduction permission for those of his claimed five million pages still in copyright, this represents a considerable achievement.

Earlier News: Please see News Archive page for news more than about a year old, including items relating to Gilbert Davey's death in April 2011.

Links to those who have helped:
(Links in this and following
sections were last checked
on 28 DECEMBER 2016.)
Sites marked * have kindly added links to this site - my thanks go to their Webmasters.   The BBC's Written Archives Centre has assisted with documents, information and copyright permissions on BBC material.   Gateway to the British Library's vast resources.   For online catalogues, hover over "Catalogues" (below masthead), then under "Main Catalogue", select "Explore the British Library".   Anyone can use the Catalogues, but you have to sign up as a Reader to see books etc.   The catalogues are sometimes awkward to use, but they were the key to much of the information on this site.   Source for two 1950s copies of Radio Times.   Many other vintage backnumbers in stock.   Practical Wireless magazine published my tribute to Gilbert Davey, and the publishers have kindly given me permissions and much help in making available images of his pre-war articles.   Maurice Woodhead's extensive resource covering circuits, component data, restoration etc.   The details of the Teletron HAX coil pointed to the probable identity of my similar 50s-vintage one-valver coil.   UK Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration Forum.   Hundreds of discussion threads on all aspects of vintage radio and audio.   The BBC 1-valver! thread was one important inspiration for this project.

Other sites for radio and tv - history, restoration, resources:   British Vintage Wireless Society - events, auctions, resources, and a beautifully produced Bulletin for members.   The Society also caters for vintage television interests.   Paul Stenning's archive of component and servicing data, vintage radio documents, and vintage technology books.   Lorne Clark's site, with good theory pages, and an excellent page on electrical safety.   * Mike Smith's site, now archived, but a vast eclectic radio technology and history resource.   "Grandad" tells "Junior" about vintage technology - reel-to-reel tape recorders, radiograms, telephones with dials that you dial . . .   Beautifully written.   A charming French video showing the step-by-step manufacture of a triode valve in a "cottage-industry" way that makes you feel you could do it too!   Richard Booth's repair service for vintage radios and amplifiers, "Junk Shop" for new and salvaged spares, and a growing resource of tuning dial images.   * Site belonging to Tony Thompson, author of Vintage Radios.   An ample resource for anyone interested in any aspect of vintage radio.   Martin Kempton’s excellent site with a wealth of information on current and past TV studios.   * Terry Guntrip's cornucopia of vintage tv entertainment, programmes and milestones, with many movies and audio clips.   Hours of fun!   Visit Terry's companion site for vintage radio entertainment memories, facts and clips.   Interview with Vera McKechnie recalling her early career including her time on the Studio ‘E’ programme.   British Pathe's youtube archive of films on numerous topics - but search "wireless" for radio topics, or "cycle radio" for two cycle radios!

See also CONSTRUCTION RESOURCES page for links to component suppliers and other sources of useful information.

Sites relating to the
Boy's Own Paper:   Informative pages on Boy's Own Paper and Boy's Own Annual.   Phil Stevensen-Payne's "Galactic Central" site with extensive indexes of children's books, comics and magazines.   Steve Holland's site, British Juvenile Story Papers and Pocket Libraries index, operates as a satellite of "Galactic Central", and lists the contents of many editions of Boy's Own Paper.

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